This semester is almost over; my second semester back in college since dropping out because of my drug use back in 2011. It has been wonderful and stressful. It’s the good kind of stressful though, the kind I thrive under. I am good at school. I always have been. Between Biology, Modern American History, and American Sign Language, this semester has really challenged me, and I feel like this entire week, I have been drowning in assignments. Why is it, that all of these major assignments are due the week before finals? If I were still the kind of student that I used to be, I would have been spending all next week trying to finish all of these assignments right before they’re due, and have no time to study for the finals themselves. But this isn’t my first rodeo. I know what I have to do to have the best shot at succeeding.

I have enjoyed my ASL class this semester, however, it may be the one thing to keep me from a 4.0 this semester. I’ve worked my butt off, and if I end up with a B, I’m going to be sad, but I’ll accept it. Learning a new language is difficult. Language is considered a critical period in development. Learning a language (or multiple languages) is best done in the first several years of life. It’s just the way the brain is wired.

On top of school, I have been holding a secretary commitment at a Cocaine Anonymous meeting every Friday. The meeting is not close to my home, and Vince didn’t think it was the greatest idea, but no matter how tired I am every week, when the meeting is said and done, I’m glad I was there.

I’m going to really truly try to post more often. I should have been posting when my mother passed away. I think I could have shared a lot about that, and maybe I will share more soon, for it is truly worth its own post. I miss my mom. But my ability to maintain a stable sense of being, and continue to function and succeed as I have grieved, has been something that has amazed me. Since this page is meant to share and inspire about motherhood as well as recovery, I will definitely get something up soon about it.

I will also post as the process comes along, but I successfully completed my 3 years of probation in January and have since hired a lawyer to help me get my record expunged. Since my goal is to transfer to San Diego State University, this is so important. And I am so confident that it will go well.

Also, it is time to buy supplies and get all of the details together for the party, but it is almost Deklen’s 2nd birthday. I have kept this wonderful and precious human life love for 2 years! I have to sign off because he’s just crawled into bed with me but there will be more to come!!!