There are moments in motherhood… Sometimes just one little thing he does.. That just leaves me in awe. Today and tonight we’re just so full of wonder for me. His new ability to say “uh oh” leaves me giggling nonstop. I can ask him where his toes are and he bends over to touch them and stands to clap because I’m applauding his wonderful little mind. I can ask him where his belly button is and he lifts his shirt and pokes the place where I once nourished him from within my body. He knows where his ears are. And as of today, his nose also. And his kisses. Don’t even get me started on his so so sweet fishy lipped kisses. I don’t care if his face is sticky from munching on some fruit, or gooey from slobber covered cookie crumbs. I can’t even imagine turning away one of his kisses. I love him. I would move Heaven and Earth for this boy. There is no greater love….. There really isn’t. You know how your parents always said “wait til you have kids of your own”? Ok well… I get it.