Old Words… The Poetry and Rants that I Come Across

Just a poem I came across in the drafts folder of my email. I wrote this in 2012. I wrote a lot of things back then. When I come across them, they’re intense reminders of what it used to be like. I’m just going to copy and paste directly. I’m not going to fix the stanzas or flow. I’m not going to take away from EXACTLY what it was. I’ll just leave this here with you guys…

The clock ticks as Her heart sinks.
One by one the others drift to sleep
Not her, she knows
As the dread grows.
The beast wakes
And her demons arose
They scream silence louder than the snores of those she is with.
They no longer exist on the same plane.
The sounds with the soulless.
She is dragged out to limbo. Her own personal hell.
She waits patiently, mindless work in her hands. For the time to pass. Lonliness taken from her hands.
She waits for the sun to fight off the hellhounds. Recapturing what is left of her soul for that night. And she continues on as though she has slept
Digging in the powder where her soul has been kept. Digging deeper the darker it gets. The loudest echo shell never forget. That soulless hour where she lies awake. Wondering back on all her mistakes.


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