R.I.P. Crossroads Sister

She was sweet. She was artistic. She was beautiful. She was a joy to be around. Her name was Vera. And she was one of my sisters in rehab. I watched her grow and I watched her struggle. I watched her leave the program before her time. I hadn’t spoken to or seen her since she left, but there’s something special about someone you’ve spent a Christmas with, ya know?

Alcoholism took her from our world. Liver failure. She was so so young for something like that. But I am ever reminded that addiction is a DISEASE. Treatable, but not curable. And treatment is HARD. It’s REALLY hard for the true addict or alcoholic. It’s a deep search of the very thing many of us were trying to escape with our using. Addiction is a disease. Like cancer is a disease. Making friends in rehab is kind of like making friends in Chemotherapy.

Not everyone is going to make it.

It’s a hard and unavoidable truth. And the disease does not discriminate. I must never forget this.

It is times like these when I find it hard or difficult to believe that Hell exists somewhere outside of our own minds. I can’t believe that there is a Hell after death. I don’t remember if she believed in God or not or what kind of God she may have believed in. But I hope she’s somewhere wonderful. I know wherever it is, she’s free of the alcoholic demon that took her life. I have to believe that wherever she is, she has found peace.

R.I.P. Vera. You will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to your husband in this time.