Just a Little Background

My name is Destinye.. And I’m an addict. These are words spoken often as I attend 12 step meetings to maintain the healing and fixing that I have done for my past. And that kind of work is never over. I am 22 years old and I am an addict and an alcoholic whose sobriety date is June 1, 2013. Without my recovery, I lose everything- a fact I have come to terms with and a self realization that helps me stay safe within my own life on a daily basis and will work its way into my writings. But there is so much more to me than my past and my addictions, or the fact that I have a criminal background (my few run ins with the law are also a huge reason why I am here and sober today). I am now also a mother to the most healthy, beautiful little boy I have ever seen in my life. His name is Deklen Taylor Van Carter, and he’s 5 weeks old. I am in a relationship with his father and we live under the same roof in sunny southern California. I’m a stay-at-home mom who’s schedule revolves around outpatient treatment, 12 step meetings, taking care of my precious new creation, keeping a clean house, and all the while working to become the best woman and mother I can be. Writing has always been a passion of mine and one that I have neglected for far too long. I just plan to share the humor as well as the hardships of new motherhood in balance with my life in recovery. 


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